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​Our Starter Kit includes a selection of resources to help you better understand how participating in The 12-Second Team™ 1-Day Seminar and/or 90-Day Program will evolve your leadership and your company, as well as details about what to expect and how the seminar and program are delivered. 

The ​Starter Kit includes:

  • The World of More: 7 Things You’ll Get More of through The 12-Second Team™ ​Training
  • The 5 Traits You’ll Build to Lead The 12-Second Team™
  • ​Vista-Views™ - The 3 Perspectives that Lead to Fast, Accurate, Synchronized Execution
  • ​The 4 Ultimate Freedoms from The 12-Second Team™ Training
  • ​Let's Go! All About The 12-Second Team™ Training

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