Executives can’t compete in the new economy if they don’t know IT EXISTS.

Executives can’t compete in the new economy if they don’t know IT EXISTS.

Ted Wolf – Thought leader in organizational resiliency, managing change and bridging the gap between theory and real-world results.

Ted Wolf has presented professionally for large and small audiences for over three decades.

With a fierce, intimate and motivating style, Ted is known for his ability to engage audiences of business owners, CEOs, executives, leaders and teams and empower them to take action for immediate results. From impactful 10- to 15-minute talks to half- and full-day experiential workshops to presentations focused on his signature 12-Second Team™ program Ted excels at delivering content to fit a variety of formats and venues.

His subject-matter knowledge combined with his powerful authenticity and directness make him the ideal presenter for businesses, associations and conferences. Ted continually inspires his audiences whether he’s delivering a keynote address or facilitating executive roundtable discussions or breakout sessions.

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Ted Wolf's Speaker Topics include:

Change is everywhere in business today and it will only become more intense, forcing business owners and leaders to spend significant time addressing the fallout of change.

In this talk, Ted teaches business audiences what they need to do to successfully prepare for and manage massive change in their organizations, including how to fight against the appeal, comfort and inertia of the status quo.

Everyday in business you’re being tested – whether you’re closing that critical deal, negotiating a contract, figuring out how to engage your team or adapting to new technologies, the tests you face and how you handle them will define your company’s success.

In this talk, Ted introduces business audiences to the innovative and inspiring models of The 12-Second Team™ and The Arena through which executives gain the radical new mindset, skills and actions they will need create, manage and sustain a high-growth company.

The discussion centers around the one test today’s executives must master:

Building a team capable of the fast, accurate and synchronized execution that surpasses previous limits and pushes the company into new territory.

Audiences will leave with a deep understanding of why creating a 12-Second Team™ organization through the crucible of The Arena is the secret to winning in the arena of business.

How well does your organization identify, react to and control the Cycles of Change that cause so many companies to self-destruct?

In this talk, Ted teaches audiences the power of resiliency and how they can use this skill to adapt to and manage change so that it becomes an advantage and not a setback.

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