The best model that exists for helping growth-focused owners and executives and high-growth companies become UNBEATABLE.

The best model that exists for helping growth-focused owners and executives and high-growth companies become UNBEATABLE.

Program Roadmap

Program Roadmap

The 12-Second Team™ program is designed to fit the needs of busy business owners, CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs, as well as executive, leadership, departmental and functional teams. The name refers to the flawless execution of auto racing’s pit stop crews, who prepare their car to compete – and win – all within 12 seconds.

We teach the model through a 1-Day Seminar and/or a 90-Day Program and many individuals and companies continue to work with us to deepen and expand their 12-Second Team™ skills, culture and capabilities on a month-to-month basis after completing the seminar and/or program.

Ideal for:

Owners & CEOs
Executive Teams
Leadership Teams
Departmental or Functional Teams

Here’s the general roadmap through which we’ll help you build yourself and your business into a 12-Second Team™ leader and organization:

Introduction to The 12-Second Team™: Set the stage to look at your business through the eyes of a 12-Second Team™ … 1-Day Seminar and 90-Day Program participants will be introduced to the concepts, techniques and tools that will enable your organization to achieve fast, accurate and synchronized execution and adopt the new thinking, feelings and actions necessary to support this breakthrough model. You’ll also learn how to take ownership of outcomes within your organization to a whole new level.

Proprietary Software Platform: 90-Day Program participants (and those who continue month-to-month) will solidify and integrate learning using our Arena App, the technology that connects the principles of The 12-Second Team™ to actual work and performance. You’ll be able to compare your behavior patterns to high-performance leaders and learn what they do to trigger useful behaviors in any circumstance. Participants find this part of the training fascinating.

Accountability: The 90-Day Program and our ongoing post-program month-to-month support for participants that choose to continue, includes regularly scheduled sessions for answering questions, reporting on progress and fine-tuning implementation of the program concepts, techniques and tools.

Progress Reviews: As participants move through the 90-Day Program, we’ll analyze you and/or your team’s progress and give you a clear picture of the value you are receiving from The 12-Second Team™ program, as well as data related to your organization’s ability to execute faster and with more accuracy and synchronization. Individuals who continue working with us month-to-month after the 90-Program receive this analysis on an ongoing basis.

Synergy Creation: This is not the old, boring, worn-out team training of the past. Through the 1-Day Seminar, 90-Day Program and ongoing month-to-month participation, you and/or your team members will learn new “plays” that compel bonding, honesty and trust as you determine priorities, set accountability and design desired outcomes. In other words, you’ll learn the principles and practices that take The 12-Second Team™ from silos to synergy.

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  • Not only did Ted propel us through an extraordinary number of business and life changes in just six weeks, but The 12-Second Team™ program has also been instrumental in helping us achieve our best quarter in 13 years. We’re operating more in-sync now than ever before and team members feel empowered to do their jobs and we don’t have to look over their shoulders. Most importantly, everyone knows where we’re headed at all times.


    Partner, Bedorf Prince Team

  • One cannot help but grow in Tryvista’s 12-Second Team™ program.


    The Ralph Marks Team

  • We’ve all heard the importance of mindset in sales, but what Ted does so well is to help you understand how to maintain consistency in keeping your head in the game. Ted teaches you how to avoid the peaks and valleys so that you can maintain consistent 12-Second Team™ performance.


    Coldwell Banker