Every business day your company enters the business arena – that place of conflict and testing. To succeed there, you must be one thing: FLAWLESS

Fast, Accurate, Synchronized Execution

The best model that exists for winning in business.

Inspired by the flawless execution of auto racing's pit stop crews, who prepare their car to compete – and win – all within 12 seconds.

12-Second Teams™ work FAST. They are very focused and very intense.

They are highly ACCURATE in what they do. Never sloppy and always rehearsed.

They know what their task is and they’re always trying to do it better – which means they’re consistently focused on productivity and yield.

Finally, they’re SYNCHRONIZED. Every team member knows what everyone’s role is and even though everyone has a different role, they don’t work in silos. Rather, they work in unison – they know what has to be done and they do it.

They are thinking all the time and they always have back up plans.

This is not the typical team.
But it is the typical 12-Second Team™.

What is a 12-Second Team™? Watch!

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So, as a business owner, executive, investor or key employee, what could you accomplish if you used The 12-Second Team™ approach every time you entered the business arena.

What could you accomplish if you knew you could count on FAST, ACCURATE, SYNCHRONIZED execution?

Because, let’s face it, even the best ideas and strategies are worthless unless they’re well executed.

In business, it ALL comes down to execution.

And that’s what we give to growth-focused executives and high-growth companies through our 12-Second Team™ training – the ability to execute flawlessly.

Flawless execution is essential for managing the Cycles of Change in a high-growth organization.

All three cycles require immeasurable assets to overcome.

The 12-Second Team™ 1-Day Seminar and 90-Day Program teaches you how to measure the cycles of change, disruption and crisis and what to do at each phase.

But this is only only one area we touch on. By the time we finish you and your organization will be transformed.

Here’s the difference between The 12-Second Team and the typical team:

What if you could …

Create a compelling picture of the future that everyone in your company will put it all on the line to achieve?

At every level of growth, re-think what works and doesn’t work in getting to your future goal while avoiding your worst nightmares?

Leverage the power of people + technology to achieve unheard of ROI?

Have more time for yourself and more fun running your company?

Be surrounded every day by amazing people doing amazing things?

Inflict disruption and crisis on your competitors and gain a larger market share?

Destroy the comfort zones that keep your people stuck and move them into new territory where aliveness and the opportunity for bigger rewards drives them?

The 12-Second Team™ is the ideal approach – and it’s a magnet for top talent, strategic partnerships, investors and opportunity.

Welcome to the new business paradigm. Now let’s get started.


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