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Our 12-Second Team™ 1-Day Seminar and 90-Day Program are experiential and transformative experiences and we’re sure you have plenty of questions! To learn more about the seminar and/or program and help us learn more about you, your team and your organization, simply fill out the form below to schedule an introductory phone or Skype call with Ted and we’ll be in touch shortly to make arrangements.

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  • Not only did Ted propel us through an extraordinary number of business and life changes in just six weeks, but The 12-Second Team™ program has also been instrumental in helping us achieve our best quarter in 13 years. We’re operating more in-sync now than ever before and team members feel empowered to do their jobs and we don’t have to look over their shoulders. Most importantly, everyone knows where we’re headed at all times.


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  • One cannot help but grow in Tryvista’s 12-Second Team™ program.


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  • We’ve all heard the importance of mindset in sales, but what Ted does so well is to help you understand how to maintain consistency in keeping your head in the game. Ted teaches you how to avoid the peaks and valleys so that you can maintain consistent 12-Second Team™ performance.


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