“You’re already in the hunt. The question is whether you’re going to make the changes you need by adopting The 12-Second Team™ model, or fall prey to those who do.”

– Ted Wolf

“You’re already in the hunt. The question is whether you’re going to make the changes you need in adopting the 12-Second Team™ model, or fall prey to those who do.” – Ted Wolf

Meet Tryvista Founder, Ted Wolf

In the Age of Change we are about to enter, everyone will be asked to make a difference and have an impact. But only leaders with incredible emotional intelligence and literacy, along with evolutionary new competencies in building people AND businesses, will be able to do it.

In short, who you are as an individual will be the determining factor in your success. I learned this lesson the hard way.

When I was 26 my brother and I launched a business with just $1,000. Eighteen years later we had over 650 employees in 13 offices nationwide. We then sold that business to a $1-billion publicly traded company.

Sounds like the perfect story, right?

Well, actually no. Early in our entrepreneurial experience, in a single weekend, we lost over 40% of our company revenues (and I can tell you the visit to the bank that Monday was the most unpleasant experience of my life).

What happened?

We were focused on building our dream as owners and forgot an important rule of business: Employees’ dreams must be realized before the owners’ dreams can be materialized.

Because we did not build a culture of aligning our dreams with their dreams, we discovered that our company had been overtaken by an employee with dreams of owning their own business, and who had taken ours hostage in the process. That’s when I learned how imperative team and goal alignment is, how teams always outperform the “command and control” style of managing a company, and how the lack of a strong culture can leave a company (and its customers) open to going anywhere with anyone.

As I worked through my feelings about what happened, I realized that the more aware I was of my own emotions and beliefs, the more I could control the outcome of any situation. I decided to take charge of my own game, rather than merely being a victim of circumstances.

While integrating higher and higher levels of emotional literacy and new ways of thinking, I also developed new models for organizing and leading a company that enabled me to plan, program and achieve phenomenal growth. I knew I had developed a competitive advantage and I wanted to share my experience with others.

I created Tryvista for that reason:
To guide owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and teams through the experience of thinking and then performing like a 12-Second Team™.

Specifically, how to methodically and systematically build themselves and build their people; who, in turn, work even harder to build the business and who are capable of surpassing their current level and vision of success through fast, accurate and synchronized execution.

Companies seeking to be best in class must understand what’s required to succeed today and I’m extremely proud of Tryvista’s track record in helping them achieve just that through The 12-Second Team™ seminar, program and ongoing training.

Even more, to take an active role in helping others achieve ever-increasing levels of happiness, wealth and joy through this approach.

Ted Wolf also shares his insights about the new business realities and what will be required to meet the challenge of change with groups, associations and companies. Learn more about Ted’s topics and to check his availability, right here.

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  • Not only did Ted propel us through an extraordinary number of business and life changes in just six weeks, but The 12-Second Team™ program has also been instrumental in helping us achieve our best quarter in 13 years. We’re operating more in-sync now than ever before and team members feel empowered to do their jobs and we don’t have to look over their shoulders. Most importantly, everyone knows where we’re headed at all times.


    Partner, Bedorf Prince Team

  • One cannot help but grow in Tryvista’s 12-Second Team™ program.


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  • We’ve all heard the importance of mindset in sales, but what Ted does so well is to help you understand how to maintain consistency in keeping your head in the game. Ted teaches you how to avoid the peaks and valleys so that you can maintain consistent 12-Second Team™ performance.


    Coldwell Banker