Change how you manage people to win in business

Winning in Business Today Demands Radical Change in People Management

Winning in business today using yesterday’s model for managing people is a recipe for disaster. For starters, companies now employ three generations of workers at the same time and each has a very different view of the world, comfort level with technology and expectations for their quality of life. By...

Managing change - developing emotional literacy

The Chain of Pain & The Chain of Gain

Change management isn’t some touchy-feely, soft-side-of-the-organization thing. It's not about telling everyone on the team that everything is going to be okay and sending them back to perform their job. They may not have a job to go back to. (more…)

Do You have the Right Worldview to Lead Change?

Change is the theme song of the new economy. Just look at examples like the internet of things, 3D printing and driverless cars and you get a tiny glimpse of the monumental change the future holds. In fact, change will be everywhere – and it will only become more prevalent...