Welcome to the Arena App.

Welcome to The Arena App.

The Arena App is your 12-Second Team™ accelerator to support rapid revenue growth.

Applause for The Arena App

“The Arena App that comes with Tryvista’s program is simply amazing. It provides a constant barometer of how my daily actives are meeting my big-picture goals.”

– Marlene Sanbower

“Success! I was able to read my audience to understand the right balance of emotion and process to get to the desired outcome. Reward: a better than desired outcome! Thank you for your support and system, Ted!”

– John Smith, Attorney

“Identifying what works and getting rid of what doesn’t means higher production in less time. The 12-Second Team™ program and Arena App enabled me to use real-time data rather than guesswork to make those determinations.”

– Korinn Fees, Coldwell Banker

“Ted’s approach to documenting our systems and tracking our daily behavior and emotions has helped us maximize our time, increase production and establish our team’s culture. We are clearly developing the tools necessary to continue our own personal and team transformation. We used to be passengers on a ship with no course and now we are captains with the finest charts.”

– Justin Prince, Business Owner

“The Arena App has helped me to become more aware of my emotions so that I can enjoy work more and better navigate my team through challenges.”

– Josh Shope, Business Owner

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As business people, we enter The Arena every day – that place inside where we’re tested; personally and to our limits.

12-Second Teams™ welcome these tests because they provide crucial insight for continuous improvement.

Tryvista’s 12-Second Team™ model helps you and your team learn faster to accelerate change and achieve rapid revenue growth through our proprietary technology, the Arena App.

In fact, the Arena App will be your most valuable tool for integrating, maximizing and applying the concepts we teach – and for achieving the bottom-line gains our program delivers.

Throughout the program, the Arena App will provide you with tangible evidence of individual, team and organizational growth by:

  • Revealing exactly how mindsets are affecting the performance of every activity critical to your organization’s success.
  • Forcing you and your team to confront the pain, problems and challenges that go hand-in-hand with managing change (before those issues can hi-jack your organization).
  • Providing you with data on the results your organization is receiving from the program overall and by individual employee, department, customer, account and revenue stream.

Having this information is imperative for effectively managing the large-scale change required to successfully compete in the new business environment.

Every participant in the The 12-Second Team™ 90-Day Program and those who continue to work with us on a monthly basis will have their own Arena App login and will use the app daily to:

  • Facilitate awareness of the subtle ways their emotions and beliefs are influencing their business outcomes.
  • Shine a spotlight on where they are squandering time on activities that have no impact on success.
  • Eliminate procrastination on high-payoff business activities.
  • Assess whether or not their performance is bringing them closer to their personal life goals.
  • Connect more deeply with the culture, growth and success of the organization and work harder than ever before for the company.

All of the above and more gives each employee the high-octane awareness, engagement and power that fuels the fast, accurate and synchronized execution The 12-Second Team™ is known for.

To learn more about how the Arena App transforms organizations into the growth-driving, opportunity-creating entities that will beat out the competition in today’s fast-changing business environment, contact Tryvista founder Ted Wolf at tedwolf@tryvista.com or 717-587-3138.

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