Tryvista gives companies the model they need to create FAST, ACCURATE, SYNCHRONIZED EXECUTION.

Tryvista gives companies the model they need to create FAST, ACCURATE, SYNCHRONIZED EXECUTION.

Work is rapidly changing, yet organizations still use old paradigms for success.

Enter Tryvista.

The constant demands of change tear people and companies apart. Primarily because we neglect to see the subtle ways emotions and beliefs impact our ability to succeed.

However, if emotions and beliefs are managed properly, both the individual and the business grow – and rapidly.

At Tryvista, we call this emotional literacy; a resiliency that comes through building exceptional abilities and awareness in managing emotions and beliefs related to business. Individuals with high levels of emotional literacy are then capable of innovating and activating evolutionary changes within the business.

Massive new opportunities are the result.

To get you there, Tryvista’s 12-Second Team™ 1-Day Seminar and 90-Day Program teach you game-changing approaches and tools that leave old paradigms behind and help you achieve fast, accurate and synchronized execution.

Most importantly, we connect the revolutionary emotional literacy ideas we teach to real-world, real-time business activities, cementing a new way of thinking and acting that drives growth.

In fact, we have a proven track record of delivering results tied directly to the bottom line.

Whether we’re working with a business owner, executive, department leader or team, our goal is always to bridge the gap between theory and practical business application, tying personal development to tangible increases in revenue, accountability and engagement.

Tryvista was founded by Ted Wolf, a thought leader in the field of emotional literacy and the innovator behind The 12-Second Team™.


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  • Not only did Ted propel us through an extraordinary number of business and life changes in just six weeks, but The 12-Second Team™ program has also been instrumental in helping us achieve our best quarter in 13 years. We’re operating more in-sync now than ever before and team members feel empowered to do their jobs and we don’t have to look over their shoulders. Most importantly, everyone knows where we’re headed at all times.


    Partner, Bedorf Prince Team

  • One cannot help but grow in Tryvista’s 12-Second Team™ program.


    The Ralph Marks Team

  • We’ve all heard the importance of mindset in sales, but what Ted does so well is to help you understand how to maintain consistency in keeping your head in the game. Ted teaches you how to avoid the peaks and valleys so that you can maintain consistent 12-Second Team™ performance.


    Coldwell Banker