Vision is meaningless without EXECUTION.

Vision is meaningless without EXECUTION.

High-growth organizations today are facing a set of
pervasive and vexing challenges to further growth:

Attracting and assimilating top talent, and keeping employees motivated, engaged and on-task.
Achieving the fast, accurate and synchronized execution that high growth relies on.
Managing the cycles of change and disruption that go hand-in-hand with high growth.

The typical organizational approach and hierarchy is simply not designed to overcome these issues –
in fact, they create them.

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How high-growth organizations overcome the key challenges that stagnate growth.

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Widely Accepted Leadership Principles that Actually Plummet Team Performance


What The 12-Second Team™ Brings to Growth-Focused Owners and Executives and High-Growth Companies

  • Fast, accurate, synchronized execution that outperforms traditional hierarchies and cross-functional teams.
  • Structure and processes for managing growth and change.
  • Magnetic culture that attracts, builds and retains self-driving, highly engaged and accountable top talent.
  • Durable entrepreneurial spirit (typically lost as firms enter growth mode).
  • Employees who are inspired, accountable and in action toward company goals.
  • Innovation and the ability to leverage change to disrupt competitors.

When is the Right Time for The 12-Second Team™ Approach?

Disruption is Shaking Up
Your Industry

Growth is Aggressive but Execution is Slipping

Undergoing Reorganization

Revenue is Declining

Need to Align Your Leadership Team

Finding Top Talent & Retaining Key Players is Challenging

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  • Not only did Ted propel us through an extraordinary number of business and life changes in just six weeks, but The 12-Second Team™ program has also been instrumental in helping us achieve our best quarter in 13 years. We’re operating more in-sync now than ever before and team members feel empowered to do their jobs and we don’t have to look over their shoulders. Most importantly, everyone knows where we’re headed at all times.


    Partner, Bedorf Prince Team

  • One cannot help but grow in Tryvista’s 12-Second Team™ program.


    The Ralph Marks Team

  • We’ve all heard the importance of mindset in sales, but what Ted does so well is to help you understand how to maintain consistency in keeping your head in the game. Ted teaches you how to avoid the peaks and valleys so that you can maintain consistent 12-Second Team™ performance.


    Coldwell Banker